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Mercantile Law Advisors

CIALT renders advice on all the matters relating to the operation of Mercantile Law as far as all types of entities and company groups are concerned.

Tax Advisors

The Tax Area of CIALT renders high-added value advice on all tax-related issues, both to artificial persons and individuals.

Procedure Law Advisors

We advise companies and individuals about all types of conflicts arising from their economic and financial relationships.

Our working practices

CQUALITY: We have a highly-experienced team that is always ready to serve our clients and whose only and ultimate objective is the offering of first class legal advice. We are fully aware that legal certainty can only be achieved by offering the highest expertise.

IINITIATIVE: We envisage the provision of advice as an active way of doing things. We do not just simply respond to our clients’ demands but rather implement a proactive approach and go far beyond those demands and in line with this we always strive to take the initiative and propose alternatives that help to increase their efficiency while at the same time identifying likely risks before they emerge.

ASAVING: Not everybody can offer expertise but, on the contrary, it is within the reach of just a few. The rendering of an increasingly qualified service that meets our clients’ specific needs at the minimum possible price is one of our objectives. By relying on our professional collaboration to carry out your usual activities, the implementation of preventive measures together with prevention management will result in the saving of money, energy and time for you.

LLEADERS: Our teams are made up by highly-qualified professionals that have the skills required to render a comprehensive service to our clients. We select professional people having proven experience in the Public Administration, in private companies or in both.

TWORK: Apart from exhibiting the highest level of expertise and having the highest quality training, our specialized teams, that are actually leaders in their knowledge area, are strongly committed to meeting our clients’ needs in order to reciprocate the trust placed in us. We actually explain the Law in such a way that our clients do understand it, by rendering services that offer the highest level of legal certainty, optimizing savings and accompanying them in their internationalization process. It is our way to do our job, it is CIALT style.