Mr. Juan José Etxeberría

Attorney and economist. Tax advisor.

Mr. Etxeberría has a Graduate Degree in Economic Sciences and Business from Deusto University (ESTE) and BJuris from the Basque Country University, and a Master Degree in Taxation and Finance from the Basque Country University and is Senior Technician of the Treasury and Finance Department of the Gipuzkoa County Council (i.e. “Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa”) – currently on leave.

He has developed his professional career in the tax area for more than 22 years and he has a wide experience in all tax issues.

His career ladder in this area started in 1990 when he joined the Treasury and Finance Department of the Gipuzkoa County Council of (“Departamento de Hacienda de la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa”), public institution where from the year 1998 he was the person in charge of the area of Indirect Taxation on Individuals.

In January 1998 he was promoted and was appointed to the office of Chief of the Tax and Wealth Unit.

In 2007 he joined CIALT as partner and he was appointed as Managing Director in 2009 and at the present time he holds the office of President.

He has been a regular speaker on different legal-tax matters at several forums organized by institutions and companies within both the public and the private sphere, like the Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa (“Cámara de Comercio de Gipuzkoa”), the Basque Professional Association of Economists (“Colegio Vasco de Economistas”), the Bar, the Association of Tax Advisors (“Asociación de Asesores Fiscales”), the Administrative Manager Association (“Asociación de Asesores Fiscales”), and  bank entitties as Banco Guipuzcoano, Caja Laboral, etc.

He is a member of the Gipuzkoa Bar (“Colegio de Abogados de Gipuzkoa”).

Attorney and economist.
Tax advisor.

 Donostia – San Sebastian

 +34 943 31 18 66