Tax advisory services

The Tax Area of CIALT offers high value advice both to companies and individuals, as a result of the balanced combination between the wide experience gained by the professionals that make up that area and the humane and close attention afforded to the clients that seek tax advice but also thanks to our firm commitment to an on-going updating.

The professionals that make up the Tax Area of CIALT come both from the Public Administration and from the private sector, and their professional achievements have deserved wide recognition.

The strength that characterizes the team of professionals working in the Tax area lies mainly on a policy under which specialization is by no means intended to create watertight compartment but rather it is focused on the creation of an organization that allows all its professionals to address and resolve with the same degree of success any kind of doubt that the clients of the Tax area of CIALT might have.

The ongoing updating in an ever-changing subject matter as Tax Law has actually become an overriding  requirement that the professionals who make up the Tax Area of CIALT have actually taken a step forward by means of the appropriate knowledge management, which allows them to be updated on the most recent developments both in legislation or case law, which make it possible to offer clients the most innovative solutions to their daily problems.

Besides, the professionals in this area make up multidisciplinary teams in close collaboration with other areas in order to be able to meet the specific demands arising from the need to offer customized treatments for each field of specialization, such as the groups of transfer price assessment, Sports Law and taxation of sportspersons, Real Estate Law and the special tax treatment of real estate transactions, Transport Law, etc.

The above mentioned brand experiences, the close relationship, the on-going updating and the flexibility when making up teams intended to render services to special groups, allow us to offer high added value advice in all tax matters, although the following ones stand out:

International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning

The international taxation team provides quality advice based on a deep knowledge of the international tax structures, and it renders its services by means of a wide network of collaboration agreements with local law firms that have a work style quite similar to that of CIALT:

  • Customized international and domestic tax planning techniques for both internationalization processes and domestic acquisitions.
  • Expatriation policies for both workers and managerial staff.
  • Inpatriation strategies for both workers and managerial staff.
  • VAT optimization strategies within international environments.
  • Planning of both Spanish investments abroad and of foreign investments in Spain.
  • Transfer prices. Expatriates and inpatriates.

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Company restructuring

Taxation of company restructuring

In close collaboration with the Mercantile Department, CIALT designs, and provides advice and assistance to its clients regarding reorganization processes, from the conclusion of the preliminary agreements to the time they are performed.

The wide experience of CIALT in the restructuring of domestic and international company groups, allows us to better identify the best option available in an acquisition process: LBO, MBI, MBO, BIMBO, risk capital, joint venture and restructuring.

Family companies and Personal assets

Family companies and Personal (family) assets

In CIALT Advisors we are fully aware of the key role of family companies in the current business network, as well as of the difficulties they have to face with a view to being able to work effectively and to go on pursuing business:

  • Company formation: formation of holding structures, foundations, …
  • Retirement
  • Company-family relationships (related-party transactions)
  • Protection of personal and family assets as against business assets.
  • Family companies engaged in real property

Tax inspections

Tax inspections

In CIALT Advisors, we are aware that the changes of the different Tax Administrations are intended to have an ever-increasing and stronger tax control and hence we have multidisciplinary professionals that store a deep knowledge of the procedural regulations together with a wide experience in safeguarding clients’ interests.

The broad experience in this field, together with the high success rate of those cases where CIALT has rendered tax advice, makes our tax advisory services in tax inspections one of the most distinctive and acknowledged characteristics of the firm.

Contentious tax matters

Contentious tax matters

The area of contentious tax matters is made up by an experienced panel of experts in Tax Law, Procedural Law and Administrative Law whose job is not only focused on providing the best procedural coverage in case of conflict, but they also committed to carrying out an important preventative advice work in order to prevent judicial disputes.

The scope of the work of the professionals engaged in this practice area encompasses the rendering of services before all administrative and judicial authorities, ranging from the Economic-Administrative Courts to the highest judicial bodies: Supreme Court of Justice, Constitutional Tribunal and European Union Court of Justice.

Transfer prices

Transfer prices

CIALT, being fully aware of the need to solve all those problems our clients have to face in order to comply with the stringent legislation on transfer prices, renders its advisory services and support in this regard, including the assumption of all the tasks related to the existing statutory obligations. Among its activities the following ones are well worth mentioning:

  • Design and implementation of transfer pricing policies.
  • Conduct of economic analyses in order to determine the valuation ranges of related party transactions.
  • Assessment of the tax risk involved in the value assessments made in related party transactions.
  • Provision of advice in company restructuring transactions and company acquisitions.
  • Drawing up of cost sharing agreements.
  • Preparation of agreements on management support services.
  • Elaboration of company group documentation.
  • Elaboration of the specific documentation of the Taxpayer.
  • Negotiation of valuation administrative rulings with the Tax Administration.
  • Attendance at tax inspections.

Taxation in the Basque Country

Taxation in the Basque Country and Navarre autonomous communities “Fiscalidad Foral”

The wide experience of our professionals in the provision of advice regarding the tax regulations applicable pursuant to the special privileges granted to the Basque Country and Navarre autonomous communities (“asesoramiento de la normativa foral”), makes it possible for CIALT to provide an optimal solution to any kind of problem that might arise regarding this issue:

  • Controversies arising from tax domicile related matters.
  • Provision of tax advice on the basis of the total number of transactions carried out.
  • Special tax arrangements under the tax regulations applicable pursuant to the special privileges granted to the Basque Country and Navarre autonomous communities
  • Any other issue related to the construction and implementation of the Economic Compact (”Concierto Económico”) and the Economic Agreement (“Convenio Económico”)

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